Rugby Montessori Nursery School
A warm, caring environment in a beautiful setting • For children from 6 months to 5 years

"We are proud of the bond our Nursery Nurses have with our babies,
giving them a warm and caring relationship, so they feel a sense of belonging."

For babies from 4 months to approximately 1 year
We have a beautiful purpose-built Nursery School situated in the grounds of Bilton Grange Prep School. Our luxury bambinis forms part of The Rugby Montessori Nursery School, where we offer complete care from the age of 6 months until school age 4 years.

The Bambini Pre-Nursery is a separate area within The Rugby Montessori Nursery School building.

We have a lovely light, spacious nursery with a happy, calm and homely atmosphere where babies are cared for as if they are at home. We have one Nanny to every 3 babies. Our Nannies are specially picked for their Nursery Nurse qualifications, experience and specialised interest in baby-care. There is a Nanny-in-Charge and a key worker system is in operation.

We make sure all our little ones are kept clean and dry. We provide freshly laundered bibs and linen for each baby and these are changed after every use. We also have a compete range of quality baby products for our babies, including cotton wool, baby lotion, baby oil, baby cream, plus Sudocrem, Drapoline etc for our babies to use.


Each Nanny will provide all the simulation your baby needs. They will provide unlimited hugs, cuddles and chats. Your baby will be taken out in a pushchair for regular walks in the fresh air in our private grounds and gardens. There will be soft music playing and as baby grows they will be introduced to a range of specially chosen baby toys and equipment to aid their progress.

We have a special area for the tiny Bambinis where they can lie on activity mats and play with their Nanny.

All high chairs, cots, changing mats, toys and equipment are sterilised and disinfected throughout the day. In the dedicated Nursery kitchen, there is a fridge for baby bottles, food and juices and all equipment fixtures and fittings will be maintained to the highest standards.

Parents or carers are asked to provide nappies (disposable if possible), milk, bottles and baby food. We can provide solid food when baby is ready and we suggest parents discuss individual requirements with their Nanny. We also like parents to leave several changes of clothes with us. Your Nanny will talk through your routine for changing baby and will make sure this is followed when baby is with us.

Your baby will have its own Baby Diary for you to read each day.

At approximately 1 year of age your toddler will be introduced into Teddies. Only indoor shoes may be worn in the baby room by adults. Visitors must wear overshoes at all times.

Places for babies will be strictly limited and registrations may only be accepted for those who wish to continue on to The Rugby Montessori Nursery School.


During your child’s time in Teddies, the emphasis will again be to provide a warm, caring environment development and their Nannies will be stimulating this need. This, combined with lots of cuddles, love in which your child will continue to blossom.

The Session

Your child will be introduced to a range of fun activities and toys using the Montessori methods gentle philosophy. At this stage, your child’s curiosity and need to learn will be fulfilled by a whole range of exciting fun activities for them to do. This is the sensitive period for your child’s speech and language and care, makes teddies the perfect environment to prepare the Bambinis for nursery school classes.

Toilet Training etc

We have full nappy changing facilities and encourage potty training when your child is ready. Nappies must be supplied by parents and they should be brought in a clearly named bag please.

Your child will remain in Teddies until they reach approximately 2 years of age, when we feel they are ready to move into The buttercups & daisies (Buttercups) in the main nursery school.

We encourage our babies to explore the world around them We have an organic garden where
our babies can feed the chickens.

We allow our babies to explore
through sensory exploration - sometimes
using their whole body!
Making a collage using paper

Our babies are given the space and time to be able to engage with their toys


A lovely light, bright room where the little ones can paint, chalk and enjoy messy play activities including meal times!

We also do:

• Water play
• Playdough
• Foam play
• Pasta play
• Cornflour play
• Sticking and gluing
and lots more fun activities to encourage their stereognostic senses

They can play with sand and water having lovely fun measuring and pouring and creating lovely artwork to display around the nursery and take home.

We also have access to th Bambinis own garden from the Jungle Gym. A safe little garden for the little ones to have fresh air and stretch their legs.



Bilton Grange, Dunchurch, Rugby CV22 6QS
Tel: 01788 811218