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Wild Garden Club


At the Rugby Montessori Nursery we use the outside as a place for our children to learn and discover about the world around them. The beautiful grounds and wild gardens provide the perfect backdrop for the children to build up their self-confidence, whilst learning about boundaries and problem solving alongside nature.

The children can build on their physical development learning about space, shape and measure whilst climbing, running and having fun in the fresh air.

Storytime in the Wild Gardens

Easter Egg Hunt in the Garden


Children have freedom to explore,
use their senses and be physically active and exuberant

Looking for mini-beasts............
We found worms ............      and a cobweb ............
We looked high ............      and we looked low ...........
We went on a walk to the wild woods
on a lovely sunny day
     We climbed over old tree trunks and
went under low branches

On our bug hunt we were ...
looking for webs and spiders
and we found some worms and a spider!

Collecting Leaves

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